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    Hi! My name is Josh Norem, but my business name is The Furrtographer. I'm a San Francisco-based professional pet photographer, and I specialize in cats and dog photography, though I occasionally photograph a kitten or two. My work has been featured in everything from Buzzfeed to Good Morning America, and I've won a few awards too. Check out the site and thanks for stopping by!

I’ve had blind cats for over 10 years now and think they are the best cats you can have. Not only do they have no issues navigating, even in new environments, but they are mellow and calm typically. Having no vision tends to reduce their desire to run around like crazy, though that doesn’t always […]

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  • Janell - Great photos. Blind cats are the best. I checked out Rufus the Blind Cat and Little the very special kitty pages while looking into adopting a blind kitten. I learned a lot, adopted @magicmaxthecat and love him with all my heart.ReplyCancel

    • - Thanks so much for adopting Max – he is a lucky cat to have such an amazing owner.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I just love your Rufus, he’s such a beautiful cat. And you take wonderful pictures of him!ReplyCancel

  • Cecilia - Beautiful pictures and moreover what a handsome kitty! He reminds me so much of my (also blind and one eared) kitty, Dextor. He’s truly the sweetest cat. Keep up the wonderful furry-photography and thank you for all that you do for the animal community!ReplyCancel