The Furrtographer – San Francisco Bay area Pet Photographer » Fine four-legged photography by Josh Norem.

San Francisco Bay Area Cat Photography

Even though I have photographed many different types of pets over the years, I’m an expert in cat photography. This is because I have photographed thousands of cats during my rescue and private client work over the years, and because I have one of my own! They can be mercurial and tricky to work with, as you might have discovered with your own cats, but through my years of practice I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons on how to work with cats. I’m also a diehard cat lover, and usually the cats can sense that and relax a bit around me. I am always patient, and love cat photography so much because of their elusive nature, striking features, and whimsical personalities. I really never know what’s going to happen at each and every cat shoot I do for private clients, so it’s always a fun experiment of sorts!

Over the years I have taken literally thousands of cat photos for both private and commercial clients, as well as local rescue groups, so the gallery below is just a small selection of my photography. I hope you enjoy my photos!