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San Francisco Bay Area Dog Photography

I’ve been doing San Francisco Bay Area dog photography for several years now and have photographed hundreds of dogs, from Great Danes to tiny chihuahuas, and it’s an absolute blast each and every time. It is so much fun because dogs are truly the epitome of “living in the moment.” Dogs love people, they love being outside, and they usually love having their picture taken too! It also helps that we usually give them a few treats to get them to look at the camera. I also employ a variety of special tools and tricks to get them to work with me. It helps that I also love dogs 🙂

Over the years I’ve photographed the famous Boo the Pomeranian, aka The World’s Cutest Dog, as well as performed hundreds of shoots for private and commercial clients. I typically do my dog photo sessions outdoors right around sunset for that soft, natural light that looks amazing. T I never rush, and always make sure the dog and the owners I’m working with are having a good time. Even though it’s technically “work” for me, its’ always important to have fun.